ITDP Business Game

The techno-economic lab at Ghent University/imec has developed a business game for engineering students on a Master level. This project intends to link technical challenges and a competitive business exercise, motivating students to work with the course material in a different way. The project consists of three phases. In the technical design phase, initial service set and network design are chosen. In the business game phase, strategic choices are made by selecting services, networks and pricing schemes. Finally, the evaluation phase concerns a detailed investment plan, reflecting on choices made during the first 2 phases. Students work in teams, requiring a lot of interaction. The interface is an online tool allowing multiple interaction moments. Experience with this project over the last three years showed a huge learning effect. By varying the actual use case the assignment can easily be updated year-over-year. Use cases developed over the last years include an ICT solution for elderly care homes and an ICT solution for schools. For more information or a demo of our toolset, please contact [Sofie Verbrugge](