The Techno-Economic Software Suite is a software library developed within the IDLab research group of Ghent University/imec. The software reflects our methodology for techno-economic analysis and study as described in the white paper and contains all generic constructions to perform an economic analysis of and research into projects with a mid to long (>1y) planning horizon. TESS starts for this from a conceptual time-linked structure in which all basic calculations are executed on time-dependent economic data. In this way, working with e.g. decreasing prices or growing customer bases, becomes easier. Extra modules extend the time-linked basis and work dedicated on one of the four steps in the TE-methodology. In this way TESS contains specific modules aimed at gathering data and trends for input values (e.g. evolutions of equipment prices, subscription prices, etc.), modelling hierarchially structured networks, equipment and operational processes, investment and multi-actor analysis and also more advanced analysis using either sensitivity, real option theory or game theoretic analysis.