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About us

We are part of the IDLab research group at Ghent University and imec.

The TE team is a composite group of people who share a passion for both economic and technological related work. Here are our members:

Sofie Verbrugge
Marlies Van der Wee
Frederic Vannieuwenborg
Thibault Degrande
Asma Chiha
Timo Latruwe

Our alumni can be found here!

TE Team

We are furthermore also uniting different techno-economic research groups across Europe on the TE portal.

Interested in working with us? We are always willing to discuss with prospective PhD students whose research interests match with ours. Feel free to go through some of our team’s recent publications and other work to get a grasp of what our research deals with, before contacting us. Also, note that we take the liberty to ignore generic emails that do not show a genuine interest in and understanding of the research area.


TE Approach

The structured and iterative approach followed in all techno-economic studies allows for a complete analysis to the requested amount of detail.

The developed methodology is supported by tools on all steps.


We are active in different application domains


We collaborate with both industrial and academic partners

The Techno-Economics team collaborates with both industrial and academic partners, such as telecom operators, regulators, app developers etc. Our group is part of the widespread Techno-Economic research domain. Researchers are considering Techno-Economical problems worldwide.

Stad Gent

Telecom Italia












TE Connectivity

Arch & Teco



Deutsche Telekom



Maria Middelares


AZ Nikolaas








The techno-economic research unit offers master thesis topics and courses to engineering students of different Masters. Interested in what kind of topics we offer? Read this article in Knack to get a better understanding about our research!


November 2019

The SaT5G project announced the completion of several successful demonstrations of 5G over satellite at an industry-briefing event held in the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. More information can be found at the project website, and the full press release can be downloaded here.

November 2019

A short video describing the 5G Carmen project is now available on Youtube. Check it out to see what interesting research our team is involved in!

September 2019

We would like to thank all the attendees of the CTTE-FITCE conference! We enjoyed the interesting presentations and discussions!

June 2019

Some of our recent work on business models for integrated satellite-5G networks was presented at EUCNC 2019 and included in this white paper.

April 2019

The city of Ghent won the Belfius Smart Belgium award for the TMaaS Project! Interested in what we do in the project? Visit the website!

April 2019

Self-driving cars can save lives, and our team is contributing to this research in Flanders through the Concorda/Smart Highway project. Watch the news item here!

October 2018

The special issue of Telecommunications Policy that Sofie Verbrugge and Marlies Van der Wee edited, is now published. The different articles discuss the impact of broadband policies on the market, or vice versa. You can read it here!

February 2018

Sofie Verbrugge is now part of the editorial board of the Journal of Telecommunications Policy. This journal is concerned with the roles of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the economy and society. The journal is multidisciplinary and international, encompassing conceptual, theoretical and empirical studies, quantitative as well as qualitative. Its scope includes ICT markets; policy, regulation, and governance; management, entrepreneurship, innovation and use. Contributions may explore these topics at national, regional and international levels, including issues confronting both developed and developing countries.



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